Serving in any military force takes discipline, tenacity, and courage. The members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), past and present, are no exception. They are true heroes who impact our country and the world for the better daily. Therefore, we must prepare and equip our Servicemembers and Veterans for financial success once they leave the CAF.

Transitioning from CAF service to civilian life is a daunting task. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Corporal or a Lieutenant Colonel; you must be ready to face the unexpected with patience and grace. But, with the proper preparation and some follow-through, you can expect financial well-being even if your transition to the civilian workforce takes time.

At Creditpicks, we have a particular interest in our Nation’s heroes. We all have family or friends who have served, deployed, and transitioned both successfully and unsuccessfully. This page will be updated monthly to include a wealth of resources catered explicitly to Veterans and their families. In addition, we will do our part in keeping you up to date on the latest related news and initiatives on topics such as:

  • Transition tasks lists
  • Government of Canada reference websites
  • Financial products tailored specifically to support a transition
  • Accessing your pension and other available benefits
  • Career planning and potential employment opportunities
  • Staying connected with the CAF family

We appreciate your service to Canada!


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